Women On Wheels® Liability Statement

I understand that Women On Wheels© Incorporated (WOW) cannot assume responsibility for any aspect of my safety and that if I participate in any WOW event, I do so voluntarily on my own assessment of my ability, the routes, and all facilities and conditions, assuming all risk; and I release and hold WOW, its members and officers, harmless for any injury or loss to my person or property which may result therefrom. I also hereby certify that I am in compliance with my state’s financial responsibility laws regarding the carrying of proper insurance. I also hereby certify that I’m in compliance with my state’s motorcycle laws. I understand that participation may result in my photo being published in/or the Women On Wheels ® magazine, website and/or advertising.

Privacy Statement: Women On Wheels ® Incorporated is committed to your privacy. WOW collects Personally Identifiable Information such as your email address, home address, telephone number to provide you with the services you request and reach out as needed. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or comments. The complete privacy statement may be accessed at https://womenonwheels.org/privacy

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