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These are the states we have chapters in!

Click the license plate of your state to see the chapters and their contacts

If you have a question about a chapter in your area, please contact us!

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, a packet of information on how to form a chapter of Women On Wheels® will be mailed to you upon completion and return of this form. Send the completed form to [email protected].


Copper Cruisers

  • City: Greater Phoenix
  • Director: Helen Skibitzke
  • Co-Director: Shain Bare
  • Send email

Tucson Road Runners


Arctic Foxes Chapter

  • City: Anchorage
  • Director: Katarzyna (Kat) Siwa-Lapinskas
  • Send email


Orange County Spirit Riders

  • Area: Los Angeles
  • Director: Christine Malazarte
  • Send email


1st State Lady Diamonds

  • Area: Dover, Delaware
  • Director: Diana L Curtis
  • Assistant Director: Coralene Medved
  • Send email


Atlanta Peach State Riders

  • Area: Atlanta
  • Director: Deborah Goldner
  • Send email


Idaho Gems

  • Area: Emmett
  • Director: Fleda Wright
  • Assistant Director: Sandra Werner
  • Send email


Heartland Chapter
Area: St. Louis
Director: Alice Stewart
Send email

Northeast Illinois Red Hawk Riders
Area: Crystal Lake
Director: Lori Stegle
Send email

Northwind Riders
Area: Joliet
Director: Sandra Sexton
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River Riders
Area: Quad Cities
Director: Rusty Harmening
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Lady Road Runners


Heart of Iowa


Kansas Wheathearts


Show Me Riders

  • Area: Kansas City
  • Director: Carolyn Clark
  • Send email


Louisiana Lady Cruisers


Capitol Cruisers

  • Area: Montgomery County
  • Director: Doris “Dori” Turner
  • Assistant Director: Vera Messina
  • Send email


North Shore Chapter

  • Area: Boston
  • Director: Lisa Laflam
  • Assistant Director: Peg Murray / Jan Sonia
  • Send email


South Shore Chapter

  • Area: Boston
  • Director: Missy Parfumorse
  • Assistant Director: Dorothy Walsh
  • Send email


Metro West Chapter


Great Lakes Thunder

  • Area: Madison Heights
  • Director: Sandi Kolehmainen
  • Send email


Curves on Chrome


Lady Slippers

  • Area: Minneapolis
  • Director: Marijo Hain
  • Assistant Director: Joanne Pleskovich 
  • Send email


Twin Cities Chapter


 Up North SHEnanigans

  • Area: Northern Minnesota (Grand Rapids)
  • Director: Stephanie Harnack
  • Send email


Golden Valley Gals


Show Me Riders


Lady Road Runners


Lady Cruisers of the Ozarks


Heartland Chapter


Nebraska Women Cruisers

New Hampshire

North Country Women Riders

New Jersey

Garden State Girls

  • Area: Nutley
  • Director: Mercedes Meglio
  • Assistant Directors: Nancy Salas; Barb Borges; Nancy Mustachio
  • Send email

New York

Mz Behavin’ in WNY

  • Area: Lackawanna
  • Director: Carol Jakubowski
  • Send email

North Carolina

Sandhills Flying Squirrels

  • Area: Whispering Pines
  • Director: Mary McGowan
  • Assistant Director: Susan Wessinger
  • Send email


Queen City Lady Riders

  • Area: Cincinnati
  • Director: Kate Van Eynden
  • Send email


Rumble Pack

  • Area: Cleveland
  • Director: Christine Burman 
  • Send email


Buckeye State Lady Riders

  • Area: Columbus
  • Director:
  • Co-Director: Dru Pritchard
  • Send email


Ride Ohio Southern Exposure (R.O.S.E.)

  • Area: Southern Ohio (Glouster)
  • Director: Amy J Bay
  • Send email


Winding Road Riders

  • Area: North Wales
  • Director: Anna Felker 
  • Send email


Keystone Chapter


Twin Rose Lady Riders

  • Area: Lancaster
  • Director: Natalie R Winegarden 
  • Send email


Crossville Wind Catchers


Dairyland Originals

  • Area: South Central Wisconsin (Madison)
  • Director: Connie Weihert
  • Send email


N.E.W. Foxy Riders

  • Area: Appleton
  • Director: Jodi Lee Scheffler
  • Assistant Director: Deborah Kanyuh
  • Send email

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