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These are the states we have chapters in!

If you have a question about a chapter in your area, please contact us!

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, a packet of information on how to form a chapter of Women On Wheels® will be mailed to you upon completion and return of this form. Send the completed form to


Copper Cruisers

  • City: Greater Phoenix
  • Director: Helen Skibitzke
  • Co-Director: Shain Bare
  • Send email

Tucson Road Runners


Arctic Foxes Chapter

  • City: Anchorage
  • Director: Katarzyna (Kat) Siwa-Lapinskas
  • Send email


Orange County Spirit Riders

  • Area: Los Angeles
  • Director: Christine Malazarte
  • Send email


1st State Lady Diamonds

  • Area: Dover, Delaware
  • Director: Diana L Curtis
  • Assistant Director: Coralene Medved
  • Send email


Atlanta Peach State Riders

  • Area: Atlanta
  • Director: Deborah Goldner
  • Send email


Idaho Gems

  • Area: Emmett
  • Director: Fleda Wright
  • Assistant Director: Sandra Werner
  • Send email


Heartland Chapter
Area: St. Louis
Director: Alice Stewart
Send email

Northeast Illinois Red Hawk Riders
Area: Crystal Lake
Director: Lori Stegle
Send email

Northwind Riders
Area: Joliet
Director: Sandra Sexton
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River Riders
Area: Quad Cities
Director: Rusty Harmening
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Lady Road Runners


Heart of Iowa

  • Area: Boone
  • Director: Cindy Gildea 
  • Send email


Kansas Wheathearts

  • Area: Topeka
  • Director: Laurinda Ramonda
  • Send email


Show Me Riders

  • Area: Kansas City
  • Director: Carolyn Clark
  • Send email


Louisiana Lady Cruisers


Capitol Cruisers

  • Area: Montgomery County
  • Director: Doris “Dori” Turner
  • Assistant Director: Vera Messina
  • Send email


North Shore Chapter

  • Area: Boston
  • Director: Lisa Laflam
  • Assistant Director: Peg Murray / Jan Sonia
  • Send email


South Shore Chapter

  • Area: Boston
  • Director: Missy Parfumorse
  • Assistant Director: Dorothy Walsh
  • Send email


Metro West Chapter


Great Lakes Thunder

  • Area: Madison Heights
  • Director: Sandi Kolehmainen
  • Send email


Curves on Chrome

  • Area: Dearborn
  • Director: Paula Dimaria
  • Send email


Lady Slippers

  • Area: Minneapolis
  • Director: Marijo Hain
  • Assistant Director: Joanne Pleskovich 
  • Send email


Twin Cities Chapter

  • Area: Bloomington
  • Director: Nancy Daube
  • Send email


 Up North SHEnanigans

  • Area: Northern Minnesota (Grand Rapids)
  • Director: Stephanie Harnack
  • Send email


Golden Valley Gals

  • Area: Clinton
  • Director: Arlene Crawford
  • Send email


Show Me Riders


Lady Road Runners


Lady Cruisers of the Ozarks


Heartland Chapter

  • Area: St. Louis
  • Director: Alice Stewart
  • Send email


Nebraska Women Cruisers

  • Area: Omaha
  • Director: Paula Timperley
  • Send email

New Hampshire

North Country Women Riders

New Jersey

Garden State Girls

  • Area: Nutley
  • Director: Mercedes Meglio
  • Assistant Directors: Nancy Salas; Barb Borges; Nancy Mustachio
  • Send email

New York

Mz Behavin’ in WNY

  • Area: Lackawanna
  • Director: Carol Jakubowski
  • Send email

North Carolina

Sandhills Flying Squirrels

  • Area: Whispering Pines
  • Director: Mary McGowan
  • Assistant Director: Susan Wessinger
  • Send email


Queen City Lady Riders

  • Area: Cincinnati
  • Director: Kate Van Eynden
  • Send email


Rumble Pack

  • Area: Cleveland
  • Director: Christine Burman 
  • Send email


Buckeye State Lady Riders

  • Area: Columbus
  • Director:
  • Co-Director: Dru Pritchard
  • Send email


Ride Ohio Southern Exposure (R.O.S.E.)

  • Area: Southern Ohio (Glouster)
  • Director: Amy J Bay
  • Send email


Winding Road Riders

  • Area: North Wales
  • Director: Anna Felker 
  • Send email


Keystone Chapter

  • Area: Elverson
  • Director: Shawn Myers
  • Send email


Twin Rose Lady Riders

  • Area: Lancaster
  • Director: Natalie R Winegarden 
  • Send email


Crossville Wind Catchers

  • Area: Crossville TN
  • Director: Edith Lesh
  • Send email


Dairyland Originals

  • Area: South Central Wisconsin (Madison)
  • Director: Connie Weihert
  • Send email


N.E.W. Foxy Riders

  • Area: Appleton
  • Director: Jodi Lee Scheffler
  • Assistant Director: Deborah Kanyuh
  • Send email

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