Non-member Ride-In™ Registration For 2024-Closed


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Pre-registration for the 2024 Ride-In™-Closed

Step 1:  Select your Ride-In™ registration options.
  • Select Yes or No to purchase a banquet ticket.  Banquet tickets are not sold at the Ride-In™.
  • Select your chapter name or Unaffiliated if you do not participate with a chapter.
  • Select the number of Ride-In’s you have attended prior to this year.
Step 2: Member number: New members without numbers, enter “NEW” Step 3: Optional — Enter Name you wish to be on your name tag and/or any dietary restrictions for banquet purposes. Step 4: Add your registration to the cart
    Then click the “Continue to Shop” link at top-right of the shopping cart to return to registration screen
Step 5: To register your support member clear your selections and choose registration options for the support member.  Add their registration to your cart. Step 6: T-shirts can no longer ordered **If you are not a member,
    • 1-you can register as a non-member which includes one year of membership
    • 2-enter New in the member number field
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