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Pre-Registration for the 2023 Ride-In™ is now Open

Note: Multiple people can be registered in a single order.  However, each person being registered must be added to the cart separately in order to allow for entering their membership numbers.

Step 1:  Select your Ride-In™ registration options.

  • GEM – GEM  member registration.  GEM members receive a 10% discount on registration and T-Shirt.
  • Full or Support member registration.
  • Child registration – child members MUST present a release signed by legal guardian at the Ride-In™ 2022 AMA and WOW Minor Waiver
  • Select Yes to purchase a banquet ticket.  Banquet tickets are not sold at the Ride-In™.
  • Select your chapter name or Unaffiliated if you do not participate with a chapter.
  • Select the number of Ride-In’s you have attended prior to this year.

Step 2: Enter your member number in the field provided. Member number is located on your Membership card or WOW Magazine Address label. New members without numbers, enter “NEW”

Step 3: Optional — Enter Name you wish to be on your name tag and/or any dietary restrictions for banquet purposes.

Step 4: Add your registration to the cart

    Then click the “Continue to Shop” link at top-right of the shopping cart to return to registration screen

Step 5: To register your support or child members, clear your selections and choose registration options for the support or child member. Add their registration to your cart. Each time you select a new registration, you will need to add it to your cart, then return to the registration screen.

Step 6: Click on Ride-In™ T-Shirt select options below or at bottom of cart screen to select size and price, then add to your cart. GEM members receive a 10% discount on registration and T-Shirt. The “Continue to Shop” button will return to the T-Shirt screen to allow ordering additional T-Shirts in different sizes.

  • All T-shirts must be ordered by May 1st and are final. NO refunds will be issued.
  • Shirts not picked up at the Ride-In™ will be mailed for those registered.
  • Shirts ordered by those not registered must be picked up at the Ride-In™.

**If you are not a member,
(a) you can register as a non-member which includes one year of membership
(b) enter New in the member number field

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