Self-Guided Rides

Please refer to the Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks booklet provided by Harrison for Motorcyclists enjoyment of their area. Request the riding guide at See the riding guide for descriptions of each ride. For your convenience, the attached files can be downloaded to your computer then transferred to your GPS.

Twisted Lady Route

This route is 91 miles with 517 scenic curves = 2 hours, 15 minutes. This route is named in honor of the famous outlaw Belle Starr, who was known as “the Twisted Lady”. Link to GPX file


Triple B Backroads Route

This route is 183 miles, with 423 Scenic curves = 4 hours. This route takes you through some of the most scenic areas the Ozark Mountains have to offer. Link to GPX file

Toad Suck Loop

“Take in the town that started the frogging tradition, 255 Miles 5 hours 17minutes”.  . Link to GPX file

The Lost Mine Run

This route provides 840 Scenic cures, covers 239 miles = 5 hour, 7 min. This route travels through an area that just may have been home to this mine.  Link to GPX file

Peel Ferry Route

This route is 113 miles with 378 scenic curves = 3 hours. This is the most unique route in the Ozarks.  link to GPS file

Ozark Moonshine Run

This includes 662 scenic curves in 113 miles = 2 hrs, 45 min. This run is without a doubt the most picturesque route in the Ozarks. There are many attractions along the route.  Link to GPX file

Mountain View Run

The best attraction along this route is Blanchard Springs Caverns – there are 3 different tour options. Link to GPX file

Jasper Disaster Run

This route includes 378 scenic curves, is 60 miles = 1 hr, 38 min. It has its name for good reason. Mile for mile, this is the curviest riding route. Link to GPX file

Eureka Springs Backroad Route

This route has 378 scenic curves in 134 miles = 3 hours. Eureka Springs is a beautiful Victorian Village nestled in the Ozark Mountains.  Link to GPX file

Bull Shoals Dam Route

This route includes 326 scenic curves in 100 miles = 2 hr, 6 min. This route takes you to Bull Shoals Lake where you will cross the 256-foot dam. Link to GPX file

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